Tables are an integral part of an office. We need a table a work on; we need a table to hold conferences; a table to conduct a meeting; one to take interviews for recruitment. With the difference of purposes, the mental purpose experiences a variation while the shapes of the table enjoy a new edge.


  1. To work on : A desk at the personal office requires an ease of tension. It should be spacious enough to hold all those scribbled budding ideas. The computer should be placed in position; the phones need to be at hand; pens and papers and maybe a few more stuff like the water bottle , etc. So, this table is the place of absolutely zero tension and complete creativity.
  2. Table for conferences :The person heading a conference should be audible from all corners. Every member attending a conference should have enough space for writing down the important points. This is a zone of learning and space is an important factor.
  3. To conduct meetings : This kind of events possess tension on every end. It is important. The table should be spacious. The shape should be convenient enough to convey information to all ends. There are targets being set at one end, the other side experiences an aggression of thoughts on how to achieve the goal. So, this is a kind if room that bears mixed emotions; where some employees are trying to be yet more successful and the rest still starving for good days; while talent is reigned in all.
  4. Taking interviews for recruitment: This is the time when the board of members actually create the tension while they wait for the person who has come for the interview to overpower it; overpower it with extraordinary talent and production and change the ambience into a friendly one.



Shapes matter a lot in science. Hence, technology and creative minds have given birth to the different types of office tables.  A few from the variety of shapes are listed below:

  1. L-Shaped table : They are generally used as personal desk for individuals. They have a number of drawers and other closets made in it. This aids to the convenience for the official working on it. Also, they tend to save space in the room.
  2. Square shaped table : This is also a shape denote to personal rather singular office work. This is an elite type and requires a lot of space. Hence, they can be accommodated in offices that have a larger floor area.
  3. Semi- circle table : This shape is preferred for interview purposes. The board of members conducting the interview are usually seated around the semi-circle with the person to be interviewed sitting in the eye of the semi- circle.
  4. U-shaped table : This shape is convenient for conducting meetings and conferences. The peak of the U shape is entitled to the chief person conducting the meeting or the conference. This , also requires a huge space.


Tips to have a perfect workplace

Let’s try and jot down all those factors that we as each individual would want our workplace to have. This is more alike designing an ideal office.

  1. FengShui :

This is a broader spectrum than can be imagined. I’ll try and weave a shorter net for convenience. This header basically refers to all those decorative practises that might have victorious effects besides the primary purpose. A little inquisition into the topic might reward havocs. So, for that, we need to know what are the arenas that this header have a grasp into; Although , mostly every aspect might be an answer, yet listing some of them below:

  1. Colour of walls: This is related to the exact directions of every room with respect to the positioning of the house. All these directions and corners have their significance in the vast subject of fengshui and vastushastra. It is important to colour every wall of a house, more specifically the workplace; as an office requires patience, tolerance, creativity and ideally should return success due to our hard work. So, I consider this a very important point while painting or rather arranging for a workplace. It might even be a start-up business or any other, but it should ensure prosperity.
  2. Decorations: This is a broader chapter. Once again, directions are important and should be kept in mind. I named the topic as “decorations” because they genuinely decorate the house/room/workplace and if positioned in the correct way, heavy positive returns are received. A few of such products to be named are :
  3. The laughing Buddha : This is group of 3 and at times 4 Buddhas sitting together, although found as separate idols, with significances of each with respect to the number of them being used. These idols not only sit together , but they are a kind of locked in that laughing posture. This is said to spread happiness and prosperity. Kindly consult a specialist in this regard to know the exact position where they should be kept in the room wished to.
  4. Waterfall : This is another decorative entity. Once again, the direction and positioning is very important. This can be in the form of a picture. A picture of a waterfall can be hungon the wall in the desired direction. An yet another way to gain merit through this is to arrange for a system of natural waterfall. A brief scientific planning can make us achieve this. We can a have a bowl of water and arrange for a short fountain within it. This can be a very good example of a waterfall. This kind of decoration, if positioned in the right corner spread positive vibes to its inmates and ensures prosperity at the workplace.


There are a number of other techniques that anyone can use to invite good luck in homes and offices. This should be specially employed in office areas as they ensure prosperity.


Things can become tiring while working for hours, but ideas of decoration are always zealous. We’ve got to choose between such a lot of things like the material of furniture; whether it should be of steel, iron, wood , plastic and perhaps science will add a few more soon. Let’s take a breath because we even have to choose further of the types of wood; we need to know its usages, tally them with our necessities, look out for what suites our price limit and requirements the best and swear in to receive an all new environment.

Here’s listing a few varieties of woods that can be used to carve out beautiful furniture not only for our office, but for the entire house.

  1. Teak wood : Teak is a hardwood tree belonging to a flowering plant family and presenting with elite class furnishing for our needs. Teak wood is usually of brownish red colour unless improvised. This kind of furniture using teak wood is actually some of the most expensive furniture in the market today. They are very strong and durable, satisfying the cost of owning it. It is also naturally resistant to insects and termites. They are moisture resistant which means water doesn’t cause harm to this material. It does not correspond to the difference in temperature conditions. The inexistence of the processes of expansion and contraction ensure a stability of greater dimension. However, expensive products need care , so does they.
  2. Mahogany wood : Mahogany wood is also a reddish brown timber. The West Indian mahogany is the most expensive of this kind for being rare in quantity and the most desirable for purposes. This kind of wood is versatile in its characteristics. Besides, aiding to the making of beautiful furniture, it is also used in making musical instruments, boats, writing pens, doors and flooring purposes as well. They allow excellent innovations and carvings on it and thus satisfy the work of the creator. These furniture are a synonym for classic.
  3. Oak wood : Oak wood comes in two range of colours. One is the red oak and the other being light brownish red. It bears a distinctively grainy look. Furniture made out of this category of hardwood is durable; however proper care must be taken to prevent any kind of stain on it.
  4. Cherry wood : Cherry woods present us a reddish shade of brown nearing to the blonde range of colour. Picturesque chairs and other beautiful furniture made out of the same can add to the beauty of the room. They can be moulded into a pleasant shape according to our wish. The colour, is at times, seen to darken with age. However, that presents a new edge to the property. This range of wood is a little pocket pinching.

Pine : Out of all the above expensive stuff, here comes an inexpensive lightweight soft wood. They are shades of light yellowish with patches of dark brown at intervals.


Designing a personal office at home can be as interesting as colourful. Here, the necessities that can strike a ravishing change to a personal office room is going to be discussed further. A personal office can a part of one’s own house; it can also be the office in a person’s own business firm; where ever be the location a few things which are important are :

  1. No room for boredom : There should absolutely be any chance for a person to get bored in an office room. Any official works too hard for his or her success. Sometimes, while spending the entire day and at times moving on to the over schedules, there are moments when things might become boring, not interesting and that might make a problem. So , we have to make proper arrangements so that there is no room for boredom to strike at those hours.
  2. Expense : The interior design shouldn’t be too expensive yet it should be enough. Great people have always said that it is important to look rich to be rich. Offices are earning portals. While spending on interiors, budget should be fixed and that should not exceed. It is also important to have enough cash while spending some.
  3. Moods : This is another important factor. The mood of profession being worked for should be noted. A writer has a different set up of mind from a lawyer, a manager, a scientist, a doctor, etc. and each of these professions possess its own impression.


Now , jumping from the key factors that should work at the core of mind we need to chalk out the basic necessities of an office room.

  1. Closets: An office room requires a plenty of closets that in turn needs sufficient privacy; at the same time, the system of closets should be well organised so that the necessary files and stuff can be found at one go. A small tip to have such an arrangement can be having a number of big drawers. Wooden drawers look elegant and it is tangible as well. Different sections can be mentioned and drawers can be numbered according to those labels. A data of the list can be saved in the database of the computer used by the personnel. Also, the contents of the drawer can be updated in it for the ease of searching for a file than rummaging through the unorganised lot.
  2. Personal closet : A sufficiently spacious personal closet can be arranged for the person working in the office room. He might want to keep his own paraphernalia there. This is a good way to help a person out of continual stretches of tiring work. He can hide his pizza and story book there ; and can easily take a half an hour break out of his schedule without moving out. That saves time.


Of course, this cannot be all, yet can be enough. Also, the walls should hold unique colours.


This is one of those zones that attracts me the most; I guess it attracts anyone who comes across them.

Curtains add to the elegance besides the general use of having them. The various prints available in the market allows us to design a better room for us. Some of the most unique variations that not only add some energy to that cup of coffee, but also makes our house look elite and high fashionably presentable, are listed below:

  1. Patterns : Patterns can be of varied types. They can be regular and irregular; geometric and free hand scaled; they can be a pattern of colours; stripes or checks; pin stripes or a little broader; mixed checks or a varied monotone and yet I can be left a number of more such patterns; while our interior designers keep searching for more. Patterns look vibrant and elegant. They are classy as well. Right choice of colours and proper matching with the walls can make the butterflies in the garden adore our house.
  2. Solid colours :Now, nothing can beat this. This is also one from my sorted list of favourites. Imagine a patterned wall with solid coloured curtains hanging down the length. This can totally work wonders. The inmates are required to be in love of aggression at times to bear this combination of solid coloured curtains with patterned or even single coloured walls, if the colour chosen be a little hard. Light colours are amazing as well. The colour grey looks fabulous in soft silky material. Such curtains should be long and it should be given that prestige as they require space. They are also a subject of the room.
  3. Animal prints : Kids might fall in love with these. I’d personally prefer curtains of such prints to be hung in rooms allotted for nursery or kindergarten. Animals prints can be educative for children. Learning is better retained when delivered in visual media. So, this can be a better option than the rest. It should be kept in mind that they must be changed before it gets monotonous.
  4. Cartoon prints :Prints of cartoons and fairies are meant for a kid’s bedroom. Being a part of their play world, kids love to be surrounded with stuff they can relate to.
  5. Floral prints : Floral prints on light coloured base are better suited for short curtains, than the long ones. They define culture and serenity. Such addition to the rooms lightens the weight of air and ensures a lot of relaxation.


It is important to note the scientific factors while choosing colours, patterns and types of material that the curtains should be made of. The room requires enough air to breathe. Hence, a proper balance should be maintained between the colour of the walls, the type of curtains, the furniture in the room and the rest of the stuff that have been designed for the purpose of interior decoration. A scientifically beautiful room should always be the end product.

Living Room Furniture Guide

Living room is the area that is can be seen just as one opens the door of the house. So it is very first impression and has to be the perfect reflection of your taste and class.

Here is a brief guide for getting living room furniture:

What furniture can be bought for living room?

  1. Sofa

    The sofa is 50% of your living room furniture. It can be of any kind Sectional, Chesterfield, quilted, vintage, modern, curved, wooden, mesh lining, pull out, cabriole, Divan, Love seat etc. The material can be any from leather, linen, ramie, blends, fur, velvet and anything as long it is durable and easily maneuverable.

    The sofa will be the main seating place and it will be the basis for deciding the other furniture that has to be bought.

  2. Center table

    Center table is the center of attraction. It can be a single leg swanky glass center table or a hardcore wooden floor touching table. It should complement the sofa and arms chairs around, the carpet below and the artefacts.

  3. Showcase

    It should be exactly of the size that can fit in all that you have to put at display. A empty showcase looks really absurd. Also a big showcase will occupy space and be of no use if you don’t have much to put in it. Go for the wall hinged one or the one that has a lot of drawers and cupboard section and a arrangement for serving function of a side table. The wood should be bug proof.

  4. Side table

    Side tables are all about convenience. Now you get the ones that can move and be placed wherever you would want to. Side table should be exactly of the same design either like the sofa set or the TV unit. Side table is a very small piece of furniture and it cannot be a entirely different design, else it will go unnoticed.

  5. Trolleys

    Those of you who have a lot of guests visiting like to keep their snacks handy on a trolley. Even during festivals one needs to have a carrier to avoid rushing back and from the kitchen every time the door bell rings. So a simple sleek trolley that has smooth wheels and three levels is the best solution for you.

  6. Ottoman

    An ottoman is a furniture that has a cushioned seating space but no back. It is the latest adaptation of the Divan style furniture. It is not very comfortable but is a classic living room furniture. They come in both designs modern and vintage.

  7. Relaxing chair

    Not only do we use living room furniture for guests, we need it while watching TV or on a relaxing Sunday noon. A single relaxing chair or an arm chair stands by itself and allows you the freedom to get any of the available in market.

  8. Bean Bags

    Bean Bags make space for kids and adults alike. They look cool and can be used to increase the seating space available for any extra guests coming in.

  9. Convertible furniture

    Quiet a lot of people live  in small apartment and don’t have the space for any guests that come to stay. A convertible sofa that forms a bed or a seating space depending on convenience helps solve any such problem.

  10. TV Units

    TV is a must component of a living room. A huge TV unit with multiple sections, book shelves or drawers attached side tables makes and ideal living room all in one furniture.

Other factors to consider while buying living room furniture are budget, delivery facilities given by the store etc.

Top 10 Tips For Dining Room Furniture

Dining room furniture can enhance the experience of dining. More than anything else a dining room furniture should be easily cleanable. It has to excel at both design and easy handling. We have a different setting at hotels for breakfast and brunch while a different for the dinner table.

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However not most of us are privileged to have separate dining halls for breakfast and dinner.

So here is a list of ideas, tips and all that one  needs to get the best dining room furniture:

  1. The easier the dining furniture layout the better.

    The chairs should be capable of being pulled over, you can even chose to get built in cupboards that have a seating space over. Bamboo chairs, vintage velvet arm chairs, glass tables might look good on decor websites, but they are for those homes where they just sit and eat and leave.

  2. Don’t make your dining hall be a misfit in the entire house setting.

    If your entire house has a modern layout and interiors then don’t go for a vintage kitchen. Complement the design of the dining room furniture with the rest of your house.

  3. Do extensive research on internet about the possible patterns, materials, dealers etc.

    Before doing so decide it for yourself that what would you want, are you looking for dining room furniture for the guest dining place or for your daily  life. Also if you have kids, resolve not to opt for fragile furniture that may fall or misbalance.

  4.  If you are a nuclear family then don’t get huge dining room furniture.

    To be honest most of us lead such a fast life, that we rarely eat sitting at our dining table and rather sit in the living room. If you can’t control your temptation, get a second hand one upholstered instead of spending dollars for new dining furniture set.

  5. Setting the dining room furniture inside the kitchen, do or do not?

    It’s a very cool thing to have your dining room furniture set in your kitchen. But then first you need to have a huge kitchen space. You need to install chimneys and even after that you won’t escape some mild problems. So it entirely depends on your personal choice.

Now coming to themes

  1. Modern dining furniture

    You can go for printed fabric chairs or ottoman kind of furniture to slide under the table. A modern cafe look can be given to your dining space by getting colorful chairs, wooden crates and a small table. Balance the colors, if the chairs and tables are colorful then get a plain rug and your dining table cover should be subtle.

  2. Vintage Style

    Vintage doesn’t necessarily mean bulky, there is something called modern vintage where the fabric of dining chairs are inspired by vintage designs while the table is a royal wooden piece. You can inspired by the colonial era and get a royal dining furniture for you.

  3. Nature inspired floral design

    You can give your dining hall a forest or garden inspired look by getting dining room furniture of forest brown hues. Complement them with a mix old school  and modern kind of dining room interior decoration.

  4. Animal prints

    While those who are animal lovers can get the feeling of being a hunter. One can do this by getting beautiful leather saddle chairs of animal print and an oversized table with animal fur rug.

  5. Elegant and entertainment themes

    An understated style of furniture allows your pictures or wall hangings or chandeliers to grab the much deserved attention. White arm chairs and a round table for two with flower vase and low hanging chandelier is a fashion statement perfect reflection of your elegant side.

Baby Furniture Tips And Buying Guide

When you have a new member coming to your family you have to make a whole lot of preparation. A baby needs extra care and so the baby furniture is made considering a different kind of safety standards.

If you get the right baby furniture then you will not have to worry about your baby falling off or whether you forgot creating the cushion wall.

Here is a brief description of the things one needs to know before getting baby furniture:

Components of baby furniture and some know abouts

  1. Baby crib or Baby cots

    Baby cribs and cots are of as many types as there are stars in the sky. However not all of them are scientifically designed and can misbalance and make your baby trip over. Also the parts should easily pivot for a good swinging and the edges should have very high walls but not make the baby feel caged. A lot of toys and other things hanging down from the cot handle top keep your baby busy and also enhance their imagination. Also a matching rug is compulsorily placed underneath to avoid slipping and also soak any fall offs.

  2. Baby high chairs

    Baby high chairs are very important for the time when you are feeding your baby. They are heightened so the chances of falling from them is high if the legs are not correctly tailored. Also the more the tray and cup holders the better. And the trays should be easily cleanable and removable. None of the parts of the baby high chair should be pointed as the baby by that time reaches a stage where they are capable of moving and holding anything.

  3. Baby relaxing chair

    Baby relaxing chairs are for younger babies who cannot sit up and need to be fed while they are lying. So the baby relaxing chair has different reclinable positions to suit your height and baby’s comfort. They can even be used for changing diapers. Make sure that they are sturdy and have a removable seat upholstery.

  4. Baby convertible furniture

    Now you don’t have to buy a new kind of chair or toy for your baby as he grows up, instead the toys grows up with your baby. The leading brands are selling baby swing chairs and bouncers. They can be used for a year old or even a toddler. Some baby cradles convert into bassinet. Also there are cribs that convert into mini baby sofas. Select the one that gives you best value for your money.

  5. Baby cupboard

    You need space for organising baby’s stuff like their clothes, mattresses, diapers, bibs etc. So that you don’t have to search for these and rather have them handy. Baby clothes are not to be washed with corrosive detergents and so have a typical baby smell in them. You wouldn’t want to mix it up with your clothes. Also baby cupboards don’t have  the huge slots for placing shirts and hangers, instead you get many drawers and organizers.

  6. Baby chair and table sets

    Once your baby grows they would want a study table or a dining table space for them. For this you can get chair and table sets that are specifically designed for babies. They are lightweight and come in colorful designs or some cartoon characters printed.

  7. Changing tables, diaper and other nursing crates

    Now this one is needed by you more than the baby. You need to buy these diaper crates that are kept super clean and having nothing else than what the baby needs. You cannot place sanitary items anywhere stuffed as it is an unhygienic practice. You might need changing tables to place your baby for changing diapers.

Kitchen Furniture Buying Tips

Know About Kitchen Furniture And Buying Tips

After coming back home giving three consecutive presentations or running behind your toddler the entire day, you don’t want to searching for a fork in the kitchen. The kitchen furniture plays a vital role in cutting down the time your spend for cooking.

It is the space which has a lot smoke and oil droplets that settle on everything kept in the kitchen. Kitchen furniture includes cabinets, kitchen stools, sideboards etc.

You need to make your life easy by getting the right furniture for your kitchen by following these:

  1. Sturdiness comes before style when buying kitchen furniture.

    Kitchen is the least visited place and is primarily for your business. So the kitchen furniture has to be sturdy and low maintenance. While you can think about the style of ply designs but all that won’t serve your much of the ply falls off or absorbs every drop of oil that comes to it.

  2. Ultra modern modular system has to adopted

    Leave all your dislikes for modern complicated stuff and embrace the modular kitchen. The best upgrading you will ever do. It might look complicated but it is a cakewalk. The entire cabinet opens with a small pull and closes with a finger’s push. There are so many sections to keep the spoons of different sizes in different sections, crockery pieces can be organized and all are kept free from moisture.

  3. Ultra modern modular system has to adopted

    Leave all your dislikes for modern complicated stuff and embrace the modular kitchen. The best upgrading you will ever do. It might look complicated but it is a cakewalk. The entire cabinet opens with a small pull and closes with a finger’s push. There are so many sections to keep the spoons of different sizes in different sections, crockery pieces can be organised and all are kept free from moisture.

  4. Kitchen furniture material should be dust repellent

    When we cook all the oil droplets, smoke particles, steam and food spills come to the kitchen furniture. You furniture should be easily cleanable and ideally that doesn’t allow any dust to settle. Smooth ply board covered or varnished wood or enamel is ideal for kitchen furniture. Metals are not ideal unless they have an oil paint polishing.

  5. Heart Dark colors when buying kitchen furniture.

    The darker the color of the kitchen furniture, the less will it get dirty. Dark coloured kitchen furniture would also prevent any cases of spoilage of the look of your kitchen furniture due to any spills or stains. And also the natural colors of wood are in ranges of brown. And wood or ply is the best material for kitchen furniture.

  6. Cupboards, cupboards, cupboards!!

    The more the cupboards the better utilization of space. You don’t have to show your skills for making heaps and instead you just need to get it out of dishwasher and place them in the respective sections. It will make life a lot easier.

  7. Bug resistant material has to be checked.

    Especially for a modular kitchen, make sure that the material is bug and pest resistant. As a modular system is connected and it will allow bugs to spread to the entire kitchen furniture. Also prefer the brand which gives a warranty that covers any pest or bug damages to the kitchen damage.

  8. Be meticulous about every inch.

    Measure everything yourself or supervise the placement of kitchen furniture. It is a place  where you have to work everyday and cannot adjust. And also don’t allow the kitchen furniture to hinder any window from opening. Also look for brands that would give you chimney set or at least chimney fitting slot in their modular kitchen furniture set.

Other factors like budget, warranty etc are indispensable while considering any kind of kitchen furniture.

Garden And Pool Side Furniture Ideas And Buying Guide

Patio is like a verandah which is an open space. It may be a swimming pool side or even a porch. The difference between a balcony a patio is that mostly patios are on floor.

While your huge swimming pool with glittering water looks glamorous, the boring Bamboo chairs just spoil the look. So you need to get a stylish patio furniture for completing the pool side or your porch in the garden.

Both might serve different purpose but come under a single category ‘outdoor furniture’.

Here is a list of things that will make your research less exhausting:

  1. A patio furniture should be very attractive.

    Forget about quality comes first and shop for some exclusive limited edition patio furniture. Fashionable arm chairs, fire bowl, sofas, dining tables and crates for newspapers or magazines. Look for designs in magazines or ask your interior designer. Search a lot before you finalize because the market is flooded with vougish patio furniture.

  2. The material should be all weather.

    A patio is an open space and so the material should be tolerant for every weather. The wood should have a perfect varnish finish to prevent any moulds growing if you live in a humid city. Similarly if you want to have some furniture for your pool side then your furniture has to be water proof.

  3. You have to decorate the patio furniture surroundings or the way round.

    An open space doesn’t look like your living room, but you have to make it look like a extension of your living room. So it should look like that. For that reason you need to get the kind of patio furniture that you will be able to decorate around. Decoration doesn’t mean putting lighting, it refers to the cushions, table cloth, mattress or flooring, the garden etc.

  4. Patio furniture is expensive, do compare different sellers.

    Try looking for online purchase of patio furniture or even pay a visit to a nearby reputed store. Compare a lot of sites so that you do not regret later. Consider comparing the difference of expenditure in getting a new set and renovating a second hand patio furniture set.

  5. Patio furniture mostly needs some amount of customization.

    Patio or porch or pool side cannot be changed like the wall paper of your living room. So there is only one way and that is to change the paint or upholstery of the patio furniture according to the patio setting. It can be in the backyard of your house, or extending in to the countryside Orchard you have to keep it all in mind before purchasing.

  6. Patio furniture has to be similar design and of a singular palette.

    Unlike a living room there are no walls to hold it all in one arena and make it look like it belongs to the setting. If you get one of modern design, other modular and third one as vintage, it will all look like scattered senseless furniture.

  7. Don’t get the white gloves delivery for patio furniture.

    White gloves delivery is done when the furniture has to brought and transported inside and assembled. You don’t need that because you have to place it somewhere near your door.

  8. Don’t buy bulky patio or poolside furniture if you live in a extreme climate zone.

    While you can get a canopy or shade for your patio, a pool side rarely has a shade because obviously one would want to bask in the sun. So get a easy to move kind of patio furniture set in that case.